Company Overview

Since 1991 Copies FYI, Inc. has been providing release of information services to facilities around the country. We provide the quality of customer service you and your patients expect. Copies FYI, Inc. provides this free service to your medical office, while your employees can focus their attention on other duties. Not only will you save time and money for personnel and overhead costs, but also you will reduce your liability and risk of releasing unauthorized records.

Our tremendous growth is the result of reputation built on quality, service, customer satisfaction and professionalism within our industry.

Kathy Stinson, RHIT, one of the early pioneers in the health information technology industry, recognized how labor-intensive the release of information (ROI) service had become. True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Kathy began to research the release of information services industry. Equipped with a solid medical background, ROI experience and determination, Kathy soon formed her own ROI company Copies FYI, Inc. Kathy, always the progressive entrepreneur, was quick to embrace use of computers for use in the ROI service business. During the mid-1990’s, Kathy successfully encouraged her husband, Craig, to join Copies FYI, Inc. on a full-time basis.
Craig Stinson, MOTR/L joined the team in the mid-90’s. Craig, a licensed Occupational Therapist, had a special interest for computers. In 1997, Craig and Kathy set up Copies FYI, Inc.’s first network of computers and phone system. With Craig’s direction, Copies FYI, Inc. continues to invest in state of the art data integrity and security networks in order to safeguard the confidentiality and protection of systems and information. He sponsors his staff to attend courses in Health Information Systems and Health Information Technology and those pursuing continuing education courses for their current credentials in HIM or HITECH.

Copies FYI, Inc. team of experts…

Our employees are some of the most qualified, credentialed personnel in the Kansas City area. Our training period is 4-6 weeks for all employees. All of our employees have backgrounds in healthcare. Our leadership team has Associate or advanced degrees in Health Information Management.

Copies FYI, Inc. HIPAA-trained Release of Information Specialists work with assigned accounts including clinics, physician’s offices, etc. Medical information is extracted from patient files either by review of paper charts or via electronic access, and subject to the client, can be performed “off-site” or “on-site”.  The ROI Specialists work proactively utilizing HITECH training to obtain the right record quickly, at the correct, regulated fee.

Copies FYI, Inc.’s mission…

is to provide timely, accurate, technically secure records release for healthcare providers while remaining superior in customer service and a trusted source in HIPPA confidentiality, HITECH and State regulations, ultimately resulting in better care for patients.

Continually Training…

We practice a proactive approach with keeping our representatives educated by requiring employee participation in continuing education. It is our business to keep our employees and your medical office in compliance with any new developments regarding Federal or State regulations.