Physicians & Group Practices

Copies FYI, Inc. is a service-oriented business advocating for the protection of patient health information. We provide a comprehensive ROI service. Medical Record requests are time consuming and demand heavy administrative burden on the medical record staff. We are the experts in Release of Information, with a knowledge base that encompasses state and federal laws governing the release of health information. Every individual on our team is trained on HIPAA and patient confidentiality. We provide highly trained health information professionals who review every request and authorization for validity and compliance.


Copies FYI, Inc. continuously solicits feedback so we can evaluate our service, initiate changes and implement improvement. Our clients depend on our expertise when it comes to releasing protected health information. Copies FYI, Inc. assists with the creation of HIPAA and State valid authorizations. We review and process all types of requests, including Subpoenas and Court Orders, worker’s compensation records and requests with or without patient authorization.

Copies FYI, Inc. Secure, the safe web portal provides a safe and secure, password protected environment. You will receive an email notification every time a record is ready to retrieve, saving you from constantly checking for updates.