"By partnering with Copies FYI, Inc., my practice saves valuable and limited resources. The service we receive is provided with a high degree of quality, integrity, and professionalism. Copies FYI, Inc. projects a positive image of our practice. Copies FYI, Inc.keeps my staff up to date with current information and important changes with regulations and laws."

Large Physician Network Administrator

"Thank you for training your customer service team so well. A live person answers the phone quickly and they're always friendly. I can call about anything from getting copies to questions about an invoice and get the issue taken care of by talking to the first person who answers the phone. I appreciate not spending my time waiting for someone to answer the phone, then listen to a recording of prompts, and sit on hold waiting for someone to answer the call that may or may not even know how to help me."

Sue Edwards

Burnett & Driskill